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Florida Bicycle Messenger

Newsletter of the Florida Bicycle Association, Inc.

Florida Bicycle Association, Inc. (FBA) is a statewide 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization uniting all types of bicyclists. Our mission for Florida bicycling is to network and share best practices, to educate and advocate and to build awareness as a unified voice.

Publication Dates and Circulation

The Florida Bicycle Messenger is published quarterly.  Publication dates are March 15, June 15, September 15 and December 15.  Circulation is approximately 2500 including active members, bicycle/pedestrian coordinators and professionals, elected officials, corporations, bicycle clubs and stores, and other state and regional bicycle advocacy organizations. We currently print 3000 copies per issue which are further distributed at special events.

Media and File Formats

Most popular digital media is acceptable, but give us clear instructions and contact information should we have questions. Ads requiring special design work, layout or scanning (halftones, screens, etc.) will be surcharged at our production costs + $85/hr.

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Everything you need to know about driving your bicycle!

Produced by the Florida Bicycle Association, this book is made possible through funding from the Florida “Share the Road” license plate program.

Significant portions are reproduced, with permission, from Bicycling Street Smarts: Riding Confidently, Legally, and Safely, by John S. Allen, published by Rubel BikeMaps and copyright 1988, 2001, 2017 Rodale Inc. Illustrations in this book are copyright 2017, American Bicycling Education Association, Inc. The book also includes information about Florida traffic laws for all drivers as well as those specific to bicycle drivers.

2017 edition.

Author: John S. Allen

Contributing editors: Andrew Rubel, Madeleine Nobel, Conrad Willerman, and Keri Caffrey

Illustrations, page layout, and cover design: Keri Caffrey

Order your copy by completing our Contact FBA online form.  For bulk orders, please visit Florida’s Pedestrian & Bicycling Safety Resource Center for this and a wide variety of other items.

law enforcement guide

This booklet was created specifically to help familiarize law enforcement officers with portions of the Florida vehicle code that relate to two-wheeled human-powered vehicles. Included are motor vehicle responsibilities related to sharing the road with bicycles.

Download a PDF of the Complete Bicycle & Pedestrian Law Enforcement Guide

Download a PDF of the Bicycle Only Law Enforcement Guide

The 4×5 printed booklets contain both bicycle and pedestrian laws.

Order your copy by completing our Contact FBA online form.  Be sure to visit Florida’s Pedestrian & Bicycling Safety Resource Center for bulk orders of publications and a wide variety of other items.