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Resources by the FDOT

FDOT Districts

Looking for cycling information in Florida?

Check out our Resources by the FDOT bicycle information page, divided by the divisions of the Florida Department of Transportation for location reference and convenience.

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Alert Today Alive Tomorrow

Alert Today Alive Tomorrow - Let's do this Florida! Join FBA in the Florida Department of Transportation's Pedestrian and Bicycle Focused Initiative to drive down traffic fatalities.

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Bicycle Infrastructure Assistance

Looking for technical help in requesting specific roadway or trail improvements? Check out our BIA program!


FBA Legislative Platform

Move Over for People

The 2021 Florida legislative session has ended and we have plenty to be thankful for. Visit our Legislative Outcomes page for more information.

FBA Off Road

FBA off road log
We got the dirt!

FBA Publications

Below are quick links to our publications. For more information, visit our publications page.

Current Messenger

Street Smarts

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Law Enforcement Guide

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Ride Leader / Ride Marshal Certification

Riding Etiquette and COVID-19


Looking for basic cycling information? We have a page of links from our national, regional and industry partners - including E-Bike and COVID-19 Etiquette!

Florida Bicycle Law

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The Bicycle Law Enforcement Toolkit is a place for law enforcement officials and cyclists to find answers and exchange information about the laws related to bicycling. Learn More


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Cycling Savvy is a traffic cycling course managed by the American Bicycling Education Association. Below are some strategies for easy, stress-free cycling and links to our webpage.
Learn More - Online education

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