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Team Florida

The following comes from the League of American Bicyclists as part of their efforts to prepare 2020 National Bike Summit participants for meetings with Congress:

  • Background on Federal Transportation Funding – not sure what an MPO is and why it’s important? This webinar will provide the context and background on how federal funding turns into local bike infrastructure. CLICK HERE to watch.
  • How to Lobby – For first-time participants! This webinar will help you understand what to expect at meetings and answer your questions about how to make the case for biking. CLICK HERE to watch.
  • The Asks – This is your chance to learn what you will be asking Congress to do for people who bike this year. After this webinar, you’ll be a member of the all-powerful bike lobby. CLICK HERE to watch. 

Handout materials for 2020 Congressional asks are available on the FBA Membership website under Documents / Legislative Platform / Team Florida.

Interested in joining Team Florida? Please contact for more information.