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FBA Ride Leader / Ride Marshal Program

Whether you are leading a community ride, a club ride or a major charity bicycling event over multiple days, FBA has the cycling education program for you.  Our Ride Leader / Ride Marshal training and certification program is modular in approach to allow a Florida bicycle club and FBA member the opportunity to choose the modules that are most relevant for their needs and ride leader development.

The 4-hour certification Workshop includes:

  • Bike safety and Florida Bicycle and Pedestrian laws and cyclist rights on the road
  • Preparation from bodies to bikes, helmet fitting, and nutrition
  • Communication from hand signals to how to give great pre-ride tutorials, on the ride coaching and how to brand your club or organization through cycling professionalism
  • Coaching and Mentoring skills to develop stronger, safer cyclist in your club or organization.
  • Advanced cycling skills for 17+ mph group rides like paceline etiquette and how to control skill with speed
  • Accident and rider down tips and preparation
  • Community and family ride leader skills (if applicable)
  • On the road (optional) and written test for certification

Take your group riding experience to the next level!  For more information and to request a training, please complete our ONLINE REQUEST FORM.

Our first public session on June 23, 2018 is closed, thanks to all who registered or wanted to register but couldn’t make the date. Did you know RLRM will come to you?

That’s right! You can host a private session with your bike club or organization throughout the year with 12-15 participant minimum. Please contact the RLRM Program Director, Mary Beth Garcia @ for more information.

Our next public RLRM session will be announced soon.  Stay tuned!