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FBA Legislative Platform

The Florida Bicycle Association supports statutory provisions to ensure the safety and rights of bicyclists.

To achieve this goal, we ask Florida’s legislators to consider the following:

  1. Expand the current Move Over law to include vulnerable road users.  
    • This consideration will replace the current 3-Ft passing law for bicyclists, deemed unenforceable by numerous law enforcement agencies.
    • This may also be an opportunity to clarify double-yellow line crossing to pass bicyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.
  1. Create Vulnerable Road User legislation that is enforceable regardless of leaving the scene of the crash.
  1. Make texting while driving a primary offense for all drivers.
  1. Clean up statutory language with regards to definitions of sidewalks, crosswalks, lane position of bicyclists and other related matters.
  2. Continue to support FDOT’s SUNTrail and Complete Streets initiatives.

Join us in the process of contacting legislators – find your House Representative and Senator.

Please contact your legislator with this simple ask:

To _________

The Florida Bicycle Association is asking for your help to save lives.  We know there is a public safety concern with regards to traffic fatalities and it is our hope that the current Move Over law for emergency vehicles [FS 316.126(b)] WOULD be expanded to include vulnerable road users – we feel PEOPLE need to be part of this important law, including first responders and service employees.  The inclusion of bicyclists would replace the current 3-Foot Passing law [FS 316.083] with a clear, enforceable law.

We appreciate your consideration and are willing to work with you as a bill sponsor to improve this law.  Please contact if interested.

Thank you for your time,

The Florida Bicycle Association greatly appreciates your time in contacting legislators with this important ask.


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